Aurora Houplain

Bonjour! I am Aurora Houplain, a jeune fille of 18, blossoming in the heart of Paris. My days are a delicate balance between strutting the runway as a part-time model and pursuing my studies at the prestigious École Prestige de Rueil-Malmaison. Nestled near the enchanting Jardin du Luxembourg, I share a cosy home with my cher parents, where the spirit of Parisian elegance and culture is always alive.

Fashion and modelling are not just interests for me; they are passions that set my soul alight. I find joy in the swirl of fabrics, the play of light on textures, and the art of capturing the perfect moment on the runway. The equestrian world is another of my loves. Horse riding, for me, is not just a sport but a dance between two beings, full of grace and strength. It’s in these moments, galloping through open fields, that I feel truly libre.

When I’m not in the saddle or on the catwalk, you might find me perfecting my gymnastics routines or gliding down snowy slopes on skis during the hiver. These activities not only challenge my physique but also bring a sense of adventure and excitement to my life.

And then, there are the soirees! Parisian nights are a canvas for the young and the restless, and I adore being part of this vibrant scene. Dancing until dawn, meeting new gens, and soaking in the eclectic energy of the city – c’est magnifique!

But it’s not all about the glitz and glamour. I have a profound love for literature, delving into classics that have withstood the test of time. They transport me to different époques and realms, enriching my understanding of the world and its diverse narratives.

My dream? To weave together my passions for classical fashion and storytelling into a career in modelling. I aspire to be not just a model but a muse, an inspiration, blending timeless elegance with contemporary flair. Voilà, that’s a little glimpse into my world – a blend of fashion, art, culture, and a dash of Parisian joie de vivre!

En espérant que vous ayez apprécié ce petit voyage dans mon univers. Au plaisir de partager plus avec vous.

Bisous, Aurora

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Protected: Images from Aurora in Autumn

Protected: Images from Aurora in Autumn

AuroraFeb 20, 2024

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A Parisian Autumn

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